Adaptil Junior Calming Puppy Collar


Adaptil Junior Calming Puppy Collar by Ceva Animal Health – Canada



Adaptil Calm On-The-Go Collar is an excellent solution to help calm and comfort your dog even outdoors, in situations like loud noises, training, boarding and fears.
NOTE: Adapting a new puppy into your home requires lots of patience, routine and repetition. Be sure to do your research on potty training, crate training and obedience training then implement those methods along with an ADAPTIL Junior collar for best results.
VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Use an ADAPTIL Junior calming collar to help your puppy feel reassured during the transition to your home. Best results are seen after 2 weeks of continuous use.
SAFE & EFFECTIVE: ADAPTIL Junior calming puppy collars are a scientifically proven, non-drug solution to help your puppy stop crying at night sooner, learn faster and adapt to new situations quicker.
CONSTANT SUPPORT: Begin using as soon as your puppy comes home. Keep collar on at all times, except when bathing or swimming. The warmth of your puppy’s body will activate the ADAPTIL Junior collar to send “comforting messages” that help your puppy feel calm and confident when settling into their new home. For best results, use a new collar every month for the first 6 months.
UNSCENTED & ADJUSTABLE: Adjust the collar so it fits snugly around your puppy’s neck. The collar fits puppies with necks up to 37.5 cm (14.7 in) and weighing up to ~15 kg (35 lb).

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