Beggin’ Beef Flavour, Dog Treats (Dry) – 170 g


Beggin’ Beef Flavour, Dog Treats (Dry) – 170 g by Nestle Purina Petcare



Take it from Hamlet, the Beggin’ ambassadog canines are plumb crazy about Purina Beggin’ Strips With Beef Flavour adult dog treats. Each tender strip features real meat as the #1 ingredient along with real bacon. This irresistible combo of double-yum is sure to make your dog drool in anticipation when he sees you reach for the pouch. As the tantalizing aroma of bacon wafts through the air when you grab a treat, your canine companion’s excitement level goes through the roof. He knows something amazing is coming his way, and his meat-crazed mind has only one goalbacon! Give your dog a whole Beggin’ bacon flavour strip when he welcomes you home at the end of the day, or break each one into smaller strips to reward him for being a good boy during neighborhood walks. Made without artificial flavours or FD&C colours, these Beggin’ Strips Beef flavour dog treats deliver the big, bold, bacony taste your dog loves while giving you something to feel good about too. Make the special moments you share with your faithful friend twice as fun when you give him one of these Beggin’ Strips dog treats with beef flavour, and show him you’re happy when he’s happy.

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