CT Support Canine – 400 g


CT Support Canine – 400 g by Sciencepure Nutraceuticals Inc.



This formula offers a power packed Glucosamine and MSM based formula that also delivers amino acids and a complete vitamin and mineral supplement. CT-SUPPORT is ideal for the treatment and prevention of Osteo-arthritis (including secondary osteoarthritis due to dysplasia) and other joint and connective tissue injuries. CT-SUPPORT benefits include pain relief and the enhancement of coat and skin conditions, energy and mental focus. CT SUPPORT was designed specifically to repair and maintain the integrity of connective tissue structures that degenerate with intense performance, disease and age. MSM and Glucosamine are the primary building blocks of all connective tissue (such as cartilage, joint synovial lubricating fluids, coat, blood vessel walls, mucous membrane secretions, etc.). Vitamins, trace minerals & amino acids are added to optimize the production of collagen and glycosaminoglycans (the primary connective tissue structures), and are essential for optimum health.

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