Feliway Classic Spray – 20 mL


Feliway Classic Spray – 20 mL by Ceva Animal Health – Canada



Reassures Cats & Helps Control Unwanted Behaviours Like Urine Spraying, Scratching, Hiding at Home
– EASY TO USE: Plug the FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser & Refill in an open area where your cat spends the most time. Each pheromone diffuser covers up to 70m2 (750 ft2). Replace diffuser device every 6 months. Each 30 Day Starter Kit comes with one diffuser device and one 30 day refill.
– CONSTANT EFFECT: Keep the FELIWAY diffuser plugged in continuously. Best results are seen after 3 to 4 weeks of continuous use. Some cats show improvements as soon as the first 7 days. Replace refills every 30 days for constant comfort and reassurance at home.
– VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Use a FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser & Refill to comfort and reassure your cat at home, help your cat adjust to changes in their environment and avoid signs of stress like urine spraying, scratching or hiding.
– HOW FELIWAY CLASSIC WORKS: Happy cats mark their territory by rubbing their face against corners, furniture, people or other cats. By doing this, they release a “”happy message”” called the feline facial pheromone cats find reassuring. FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffusers & Refills send happy messages to cats, making them feel good and comfortable at home.
– CATS FIGHTING? Use a FELIWAY FRIENDS Diffuser Starter Kit to help reduce fighting, tension and conflicts between cats and promote harmony in multicat homes.

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