Healthymouth Daily Dental Care Concentrate for Cats – 474 mL


Healthymouth Daily Dental Care Concentrate for Cats – 474 mL by HealthyMouth LLC



VOHC Accepted and Clinically Proven. 100% human grade Ingredients that are 100% Free of Artificial or Synthetic Ingredients. Natural fish flavoring cats love! Add to your cat’s drinking water each time bowl is refilled. Turns water a pleasant apple green. May need to be integrated slowly over 2 week period, as you would when introducing any new product into your pet’s diet by adding extra water. This is perfectly normal as many pets do not like change…much like children! Unopened and opened jugs good for 24 months. Designed to replace all regular water consumption. Replace healthymouthTM water as you would regular water. Does NOT lose efficacy if in bowl for more than 1 day. Benefits achieved by the continual, daily consumption – we understand that cats all drink different amounts. Advised method of use is to mix formula with one gallon of water in sealed container and simply fill and refill bowl from larger container. Formula mixed with water in SEALED container is good for up to 2 weeks. With or without refrigeration. PLEASE NOTE: If you use a water fountain, filter must be removed or it will filter out the actives.

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