VetGold Spray – 100 mL


VetGold Spray – 100 mL by VetGold Canada



Vet Gold Spray promotes the natural rejuvenation of dry, damaged and irritated itchy skin.
VetGold Spray is a part of the VetGold line, the first ever Dead Sea product line purposely developed for application on animals. VetGold Spray is based on a blend of plant extract and natural oils enriched with Dead Sea minerals. The spray revitalizes and moisturizes the skin whilst the natural active ingredients strengthen and reinvigorate the skin promoting natural restoration to its full healthy elasticized state. Vetgold spray uses the same active ingredients used in the VetGold cream and is used to treat red irritated and itchy skin making it very effective when used on hot spots, scratches, minor skin cuts and abrasions.

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