Clenz-A-Dent RF2 Dental Sticks for Dogs – Large – pkg/12


Clenz-A-Dent RF2 Dental Sticks for Dogs – Large – pkg/12 by Ceva Animal Health – Canada



– HELP REMOVE & PREVENT PLAQUE & TARTAR – Acting like a dog toothbrush, with powerful scrubbing action, CLENZ-A-DENT Dental Sticks help remove plaque off and remove tartar while your dog gets to enjoy a treat. For more enhanced dental care, they also contain RF2, a natural ingredient proven to help prevent more plaque and tartar from developing, keeping your dog’s teeth cleaner and their breath more fresh.
– LONG-LASTING CHEW TIME – The unique shape and chewy texture of CLENZ-A-DENT Dental Sticks encourages chewing in all parts of the mouth and leads to longer chew times and better results. Lasting up to 2X longer than other popular dog dental chews, they maximize the benefit to your dog’s dental care & help provide fresh breath for dogs.
– A HEALTHY CHOICE FOR ANY DOG – These are delicious, healthy treats for dog dental care, providing a solution for large dogs of all ages. Low in salt and fat, they are also an ideal option for senior dogs, overweight dogs or dogs on a weight control diet, or for keeping a teething puppy busy.
– EVEN PICKY DOGS LOVE THEM – Dog teeth cleaning and a tartar remover for teeth in dog dental treats they love! They are also a great plaque-remover alternative to dog bones, or if using a dog toothpaste and toothbrush kit is too difficult to do routinely.

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